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Young hums October 2023

Young Hums is an action-packed week of volunteering, connecting with the community and so much more!


You’ll explore what volunteering looks like around the Waihopai community, as well as meet new people, make new friends, find our how to look after your wellbeing and have fun!

12-14 year olds

9am-2pm daily

Pick ups & drop offs available


Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

Young Hums Brochure

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Keep up with all the epic news happening at Number 10! 

Newsbites - Korero-Iti July 2023

Clothing Donation

Clothing Thank you.jpg

We'd like to do a HUGE shout out to the Invercargill MSD (Ministry of Social Development) team who held a mufti-day recently to raise money and take donations of clothes for the young people that Number 10 work with!

We have a Clothes Closet- a room at Number 10 that is full of clothes and shoes that are free to rangatahi who need them. We often have great difficulty giving clothes to our young people- by and large they don't think they deserve to get anything for free, or think that if they take stuff it will mean less for other people "more in need."

It is an awesome feeling to see a young person finally accept this help and walk out with the clothes they need for work, or a job interview, or just doing life!

The clothes are there to be given away, and we are always getting more- so if you're 10-24 years old and need some clothes, please come and check it out.

If you have donations, you can just drop them in to reception!

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