Number 10

Number 10 provides free health and social services for rangatahi aged

10-24 years.

Address: 10 Deveron Street

                 PO Box 186


Phone:     03 214 1013

Mobile:   027 472 4703

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Thanks Nattering Knitter for HUG RUGS !!!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Number 10 would like to give a MASSIVE HEARTFELT shout out to The Nattering Knitter and her team of wonderfully generous and caring knitters - they have donated us a huge box of HUG RUGS, all lovingly created by hand in an array of patterns and colours - just what you need when you are feeling like a HUG! "The Hug Rug has been made for you with squares knitted by many people because they care... knit a square to show you care... wrapped up with hugs for you... so hug your rug and know that many people care for YOU" Follow them,