Number 10

Number 10 provides free health and social services for rangatahi aged

10-24 years.

Address: 10 Deveron Street

                 PO Box 186


Phone:     03 214 1013

Mobile:   027 472 4703

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     Candace (Director)

     Jude (Clinical Manager)

         Kate (Doctor)

     Rach (Case Manager)

   Christina (Youth Coach)

        Louise (Youth Coach)

Cathy(Social Services Manager)

           Kate (Nurse)

         Kate (Doctor)

     Ida (Transition Coach)

     Noella (Youth Coach)

        Jot (IT Coordinator)

     Robyn (Office Manager)

       Rach (Youth Coach)

Michelle (Project Coordinator)

     Loren (Youth Coach)

      Tee (Group Facilitator)

      Brent (Youth Coach)

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