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Number 10 are on a mission.


We want to raise awareness of the nearly invisible issue of youth homelessness in Murihiku. 

Every time we hear a story from a young person of their homelessness- no permanent place to call home- we are going to put a cardboard box on our lawn.


At the moment there is no cohesive strategy to capture the numbers of youth who are homeless, so we are starting our own.


How you can be involved:

  1. Korero.  Talk to people you know, and let them know what we are doing.  When you can’t see the youth huddled in doorways or sleeping on a bench it’s easy to turn a blind eye.  It’s not going to be so easy to ignore our boxes.

  2. Sign this petition: . We want to see local and national data on this issue, and we want some considered, strategic, community based solutions.

  3. Come and talk to us. Share our posts. Email the council. Email the MPs.


We’re going to keep you posted on what we discover, the stories we hear (non-identifiable of course) and the reasons why young people are homeless.  And we’d like you to think about and share some possible solutions.

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