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Clinical Services

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We offer a full range of clinical services provided daily, Monday to Friday by our nurses including a late night on a Wednesday.
There are also three sessions per week with our Doctors.

Our services include addressing all physical needs such as asthma, eczema, infections, contraception, as well as mental health needs such as anxiety, low mood, and depression.


Health Improvement Practitioner - Courtney McLennan – Occupational Therapist

Courtney provides brief 30 min consultations, looking at what changes a person has the ability to make to get themselves unstuck or to better manage their mental health and wellbeing. Courtney can provide new skills and techniques and young people will leave with a plan to try to support them to live a meaningful life.


You can make an appointment with our clinical team by txt message, call, email, or here on the Number 10 website. 

To book in at Number 10, the first step fill out a registration form, either in person or online.
It only takes a few minutes; we look forward to meeting you!​

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